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Denon DN-HP 1000 // Headphone

Artist: Denon DN-HP 1000
Label: Denon
LabelCode: 04045
Format: EQUPMT
Country: D
Style: Headphones

Once again, Denon DJ delivers a premium product with the sound quality, style and performance that will surely make it the next "must have" DJ headphone worldwide. Introducing, the all new DN-HP1000 High Performance Professional DJ Headphones, featuring an impeccably clean vibrant sound that will withstand the demands of high volume while maintaining its sonic characteristics. We didn't forget about comfort, style and reliability either. Soft padded ear cups able to swivel a full 180 degrees with dual pivot action design, conform to all head sizes. The headphones are housed in a beautiful metallic silver color shell, and branded with the Denon DJ logo etched in real stainless steel on both cups. With fidelity, style, reliability and comfort on your side, this should be your only pair of DJ headphones.
Technical Specifications

    * Closed back heaphones
    * 5hz - 33khz
    * 36 ohms
    * 320g
    * Adjustable cups with 180 degree twist
    * Padded headband
    * 3 metre cable
    * 1/4" jack & 3.5mm jack connectors
    * Black/silver & chrome finish
    * Leather carry bag included

Weiche, gepolsterte Hörmuscheln, die sich mit doppeltem Drehgelenk um volle 180 Grad bewegen können, passen sich allen Kopfgrößen an. Bei so viel Klangtreue, Stil, Zuverlässigkeit und Komfort werden Sie keinen anderen DJ Kopfhörer mehr tragen wollen.
Technische Daten
Abmessungen (geöffnet)
165 (W) x 208 (H) x 41 (D) mm
Gewicht 320g
Kabellänge 1,2 m gewunden / 3 m ungewunden

Denon DN-HP 1000 - Headphone

181,00 EUR

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