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Access Denied // Animals In Space

Artist: Access Denied
Label: KDB
LabelCode: KDB002
Format: 12"
Release: 2008-12-11
Country: IMP
Style: Techno / Minimal / Tech-House

"…POJEHALI!" (the Russian expression for "Let´s go!") said Juri Gagarin and started his flight. Juri Gagarin the soviet cosmonaut and the first human being entering space. On the 12th of April 1961 he started his spectacular space travel and circumnavigated the globe in about 108 minutes with his spaceship Wostok1. Only a few people would have known the melodies Gagarin would have been whistling before takeoff. The Russian duo "ACCESS DENIED" did some research about those melodies, collected the pieces and created a rocket-release: "Tape Dance". That's how Gargarins Space-music has been immortalized in the song. Another song on the album "Animals In Space" is dedicated to "Belka & Strelka" two "cosmonautic" dogs ...the first not-human being in outer.

Access Denied - Animals In Space


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