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Apendics Shuffle // I See The Morning Time

Artist: Apendics Shuffle
Label: Mo's Ferry
LabelCode: MFP054
Format: 12"
Release: 2011-02-01
Country: D
Style: Techno / Minimal

[a]pendics.shuffle seems to have his fingers in every pie - singer, guitar player, producer with quite a number of pseudonyms - these are only some of the aspects that describe the musical way the American went since the 1990s. During the last decade the Berlin label Mo’s Ferry has been a welcome refuge for him to stop by, now with his fourth release in the baggage. The a-side ‘I See The Morning Time’ is only the beginning, but already marks the centerpiece of this release. A track full of contrast that combines an oppressive and tense calmness with a pleasant contaminated space-atmosphere. Although stacking different melody-elements, [a]pendics.shuffle never overloads the track. Every single element has its right to exist and gets along well with its fellows. Instead of a trivial mash of ideas it is an interesting mixture with some subtle but exciting moments. Jeremy P. Caulfield (DumbUnit) catches the vibe and transforms the track’s essence on a different level with his ‘Dark Hole Sun’ remix. He adds his personal melody-element but reduces the overall density of sounds. It almost feels like both producers spent some time together in the same studio to create a two piece science-fiction epos. The record comes to an end with ‘Strung Doll’, a complex textured track with a darker sound design. Anyway the listener is left screaming for more!

Apendics Shuffle - I See The Morning Time

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