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Alland Byallo // She Dines On My Eyes

Artist: Alland Byallo
Label: Sirius Pandi
LabelCode: SIRIUS14
Format: 12"
Release: 2011-03-31
Country: D
Style: Techno / Progressive / Electro / Minimal

If you have been exposed to this cultural phenomenon called " electronic music " for more than a while, you will certainly have in mind something more than bright sunsets and perfect waves when you evocate that part of our awesome planet called "California". The West Coast has provided an own-harvested sound that strives to differ itself from surrounding mainstream conditions, making it fine and classy when it comes to underground house and techno music. Alland Byallo " ain´t no rookie " on the issue, rolling beats for enough years now to need no intruduction. With productions on labels like Dirt Crew, Liebe Detail, Dirty Bird, Poker Flat or Nightlight Music (Alland´s own imprint) he can be well considered like the last but one exponent of a whole lineage of Californian producers. Alland resumes all we are keen of when it comes to electonic music : elaborated, original, pure and effective t imeless pieces. His constant positive feedback on our music led us to meet today Berlin´s based Mr. Byallo, agreeing to release with us 2 outputs from his San Francisco basement at Chris Lum´s reknowned "Moulton Studios". First track "Tribune" comes with a terrific kind of electro bassline, which seems to provoke hype-followers just before getting to an explosive deep swing on the break. The EP ´s title " She Dines On My Eyes " is more like a fresh night starter, with driving percussions and atmospheric sound spectres. It was the track chosen for remixing issues by Alland´s parter in crime Mr. Clint Stewart from Nightlight and Paso Music. His Sampa remix is just a mind´s capturer and a transitional acoustic vortex that will be as effective as an alarm clock on any late night dancefloor. An absolute classic. Ipa Remix, available on digital release, is more of a warm up tool for this "YES PLEASE ARRIVE NOW FOR GOD´S SAKE" up coming warmmmmm season. In any case both re mixes leave it quite clear: this is definetely someone you should keep an eye on. A

Alland Byallo - She Dines On My Eyes

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