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Marc Antona // Rules Of Madness Part 1

Artist: Marc Antona
Label: Dissonant
LabelCode: DISSONANT004
Format: 12"
Release: 2011-06-27
Country: D
Style: Techno / Progressive

It may only be three releases old, but Marc Antona’s Dissonant imprint is fast becoming renowned for the quality of its releases. With all of them originating from the creative mind and fingers of Marc himself, this is of little surprise… As 003, “Not The Fool” still dominates the dancefloors, helped in no small way by its impressive Reboot remix, Marc readies himself to unleash 004 and this time its an Antona full house. With his new album “Rules Of Madness” due for release in September, Marc delivers a choice taster with the first of three vinyl Ep’s. With the following two slated for release in August and September and with a ‘live’ mixed version of the album due to be available on CD, we are set for a fully-charged Antona summer, all kicking off today with ‘Rules Of Madness - Part.1?. Contrary to its name, lead cut “Prohibition Circus” sees Marc in a far from confiscatory mood. Indeed, quite the opposite. We are being treated to a hell of a show. From the opening earth moving kick drum we’re once again locked in a groove, as our Ring Master teases by dropping the rumbling bass, increasing the tension studiously and then feeding our craving with a wave of the flute, as the bass drops with gusto. The bass continues to rule on “Fast Track.” Whilst its name inspires haste, the slower tempo brilliantly serves to accentuate the raw power of Marc’s bassline, underpinning the rolling onslaught of the drums. Never peaking, “Fast Track” effortlessly and ironically chugs throughout. From the diesel power of the previous cut to the delicate deepness of final track, “Home Rebels.” The trademark bass throb is still present, yet its the xylophone melody and sparkling percussive elements that draw us in, allowing us to lose ourselves within the track. Yet another world class performance from Marc and with it still only being release number 004 for Dissonant, we can only be excited at the thought of whats to come from both! Tracklisting: A1 - Prohibition Circus B1 - Fast

Marc Antona - Rules Of Madness Part 1

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