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Marc Antona // Rules Of Madness Part 3

Artist: Marc Antona
Label: Dissonant
LabelCode: DISSONANT006
Format: 12"
Release: 2011-09-26
Country: D
Style: Techno / Progressive / Minimal

For the third vinyl release of Marc Antona’s “Rules Of Madness” album, Dissonant reveals three more unique techno trips. Featuring “Crush To Pulp", “Guru” and “Illegal", this third vinyl extract from Marc’s album discovers new dimensions within each quirky piece and follows its ever surprising musical direction. “Crush To Pulp” embodies what you would dream of to be happy sexy techno. Led by a heady subtly harmonic gimmick and whipped to hypnotic hysteria by the rolling bass line, the track’s tension constantly rises while maintaining its positive mood. Creativity is at its top when the beautiful harmonic layer whirls around in an unpredictable evolution, making the refreshing break so unique… Our next story is “Guru", which unusual sound shaping makes it a real matter of joy for advanced listeners. It’s telling an equally visual tale as its predecessor, though this time even more underground, and through a multitude of imaginative field recordings that conjure mental images, forcing us to ask ourselves to what stage this intriguing audio belongs. After a mysterious intro, a snatched vocal cleverly breaks our bodies into the music as the kick arrives, levering a funky and hidden groove from within that although barely heard moves us subconsciously. Our instinctive human rhythm takes hold and stirs a sexual prowl. “Illegal"-the last of the album tracks to appear on “Rules Of Madness Part 3?-delves into an entirely different musical spectrum. Light hearted, full of sheer euphoria, “Illegal” is the sound of Marc Antona’s influential Iberian studio let loose. Hidden singing melodies are on the way, as well as humorous and subversive vocal snippets. Illegal shows the very various faces hypno can take ! Following up shortly, ‘Rules Of Madness - Part 4? featuring the raimaining last album tracks to be released as EP.

Marc Antona - Rules Of Madness Part 3

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