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Aquarius Heaven // Can't Buy Love EP

Artist: Aquarius Heaven
Label: Wolf Lamb
LabelCode: WLM16
Format: 12"
Release: 2011-09-13
Country: D
Style: Techno / Minimal / Dub / Tech-House

Presenting the ‘Can’t Buy Love EP’, Wolf + Lamb Records invite you to enter the visceral world of Aquarius Heaven. A rhapsody of sonic flow both rough and smooth with heavy doses of sleaze and deviant, lust-filled rap, the Aquarius Heaven experience is nothing short of electrifying. When Brian Brewster met dOP in Paris, 2005, the former reggae, dancehall and hip- hop singer was to undergo an electronic rebirth. During the hours of studio lock-up that followed, tapping into a wealth of musical influences, the arresting sound of Aquarius Heaven was born. After the outstanding debut ‘7 days EP’ on Circus Company caught the attention of Gadi Mizrahi of Wolf + Lamb whilst in Berlin (where Brewster is now based), it wasn’t long before the label made Aquarius part of the crew and the ‘Can’t Buy Love EP’ was brought to light. A heady mix of sexually charged house funk, A-side ‘Can’t Buy Love’ bumps and grinds down a bassline made of rubber with the heavy depth of Brewster’s vocals in the driving seat. Playful and bold with singer Dani Siciliano’s yearning interruptions, the mood is a twisted fusion of love and filth. Already a staple in the sets of Soul Clap and Wolf + Lamb, ‘Can’t Buy Love’ has all the markings of a cult record in the sex music hall of fame. Another wry story unfolds in ‘Keep On’ as Brewster relates how it’s “just like when a mama’s off to Berghain, baby starts crying…gotta keep on trying". As the faintly minimal textures are interwoven with the emotive chords, the track gains momentum with melodic electric keys and uplifting, polyphonic bounce. B-side ‘Summer Love’ is the most rave savvy track of the pack, fizzing with acid frequencies and punchy vocal stabs from Brewster that punctuate the speedy groove. ‘Stop’ enters the realm of dark, dubby hip-hop - a lullaby converted into a sinister tale against a menacing sonic backdrop. The hypnotic pendulum swing punches through layers of delay as ghostly percussive strokes give way to dramatic strings. Outro

Aquarius Heaven - Can't Buy Love EP

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