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Andrea Oliva // The Click Off EP

Artist: Andrea Oliva
Label: Cadenza
LabelCode: CADENZA74
Format: 12"
Release: 2012-03-06
Country: D
Style: Techno / Minimal / Tech-House

One of Switzerland’s finest artists Andrea Oliva steps up to take the reign’s for Cadenza’s latest output - ‘The Click Off’ EP. Having released his music on a plethora of labels over the last five years, Andrea Oliva portrays a fiercely rhythmic electronic vibe, always with firm percussive flow and riddled with detail. Having joined Cadenza’s set of renowned producers last summer with the tribal inspired ‘Beats To Beats’ EP on sister label Cadenza Lab - 2012 welcomes Andrea to Cadenza once again.Kicking off the 12? and digital expedition is “Piano Piano"; a soundscape that quivers between rumbling tech house and attentive melancholy. Hook by its thumped piano keys that bellow within the swelling echo of a headstrong kick drum, a somewhat dark atmosphere sets the tone. But as gentle shakers lift from the distance and sweeping rushes quicken pace, “Piano Piano” begins to transform into a mesmerizing tech house track. Led by the piano’s sombre mood and challenged by rapid percussion, a deep and lazy vocal chant becomes an instrument all of its own to once again, alter the mood. Reaching an intense, syncopated breakdown at the half way point, “Piano Piano” jolts and re-awakens; pulling us back into the groove. Our first B-side comes under the title “Click Off” and couldn’t be further from its predecessor in style. Warm, round and drum lead, we’re instantly taken to the wriggling depths of a percussion hot pot. Pushed by an underlying moan of double chord stabs, “Click Click” is a chugging floor mover with innate essence. Joining “Click Off” on the flip is “Jungle Dub", its trembling bass line living up to the tracks title. Reeking of the underground with crisp snares drums cutting the air and playing partner to the bass, this nods directly to a long lost era of dark, dub fuelled rave. Hypnotic via its looped structure and counterbalanced with a drawn out and reverbed melody, “Jungle Dub” satisfies both stomping bodies and wandering minds. Techno truly comes alive wit

Andrea Oliva - The Click Off EP

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