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Anthony Rother // Traumzeitreise

Artist: Anthony Rother
Label: Datapunk Limited
LabelCode: DTPLTD103
Format: 12"
Release: 2013-02-22
Country: BEL
Style: Techno / Electro / Progressive

Since past year afforded ANTHONY ROTHER plenty of opportunities to enjoy his more experimental affections, ROTHERS music of 2012 clearly proves that his heart still beats to the rhythm of club-culture. Even if his last release GRID STRIPPER / APE MACHINE led us assume something like this last summer, we needed TRAUMZEITREISE / 1-2-3-4 to be absolutely certain: ANTHONY ROTHER wants to see us dance again. TRAUMZEITREISE, the first track of this strictly limited release, calls the shots. Is this techno with a harsh electro-vibe, or electro with a nasty techno-punch? However, to tell the truth, we dont really care, cause with the production-support of INGO BOSS, ANTHONY ROTHER delivered just the kind of track we secretly hoped for. The beats stomps forward with a grim sibilance, while our speakers begin to creak during the bass-driven break, just to clean up pretty hard in the final part. And – we don’t want to drop that – there is a synthmelody, that elegantly floats above all that and instantly hits exactly that part of the brain, thats responsible for the more insisted catchy tunes. Electronic music can be such a simple but beautiful thing. 1-2-3-4, the second track, doesnt waste time with detours like ear or brain, but takes control over your dancing-legs at once. Sometimes you just dont need anything more than an evil rolling bassline and a few evil whiring sounds – so why futzing around, where is not need to. Its a bloody raw track, but played in the right moment, it unfolds an enormous potential of addiction. All that sounds like a classic ROTHER single? Well, yes. But lets be honest - Thats exactly what we wanted to hear!

Anthony Rother - Traumzeitreise

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