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Ana Helder // Beating PC

Artist: Ana Helder
Label: Comeme
LabelCode: COMEME021
Format: 12"
Release: 2013-04-02
Country: E
Style: Techno / Tech-House / Electro

The clock struck 5 a.m. when last summer your puzzled author could experience a pretty strange dancefloor-jamais vu in the very sense of the word. The Cómeme cavalcade had just returned from the beautiful Uckermark landscape to debut-showcase their finest Sternhagen Gut-session bits'n' pieces with boldly improvised performances, most likely to be described as Cómemian character collage kind of thing-acts. One of them characters was a young angelic mystery girl from Rosario/Argentina who had spent her springtime in Santiago, enjoying life. Months before, out of the blue, she had released a completely outlandish EP on Cómeme (008), already predating her nonpareil House style the European dancers were now about to witness live. Call me romantic but this was the sound for daytime norms no longer to apply. The room was bathed in a peculiar glow. There was something in the music I thought I knew but I couldn´t quite tell, since every signifier of your typical dancefloor showdown was strangely banished for the sake of constant change and movement. Much like a brave trip, this seemed a departure from all established comfort zones of House, a pretty disturbing new scale of (yes indeed) dancefloor deepness. I beg your pardon, of course Ana Helder herself would skip the preamble to put it way more briefly: "Poqui: I wanted to do something synesthetically luminous". Eat me: the "Techno" track. It is done under the concept of a parallel present with an existentialist question." "Berberecho: Once at night I was tired and this melody came up, also with the trashy bass line and the elastic band time feeling of the synths. Months later at Sternhagen Gut, Matias Aguayo played with me and we added some hi-hats, sub bass and toms to make it more danceable." Let´s leave "Beatin PC" speak for its beating self and let "Voy a ver" recall the deranged Disco gods of nightly urban boulevard confusion.

Ana Helder - Beating PC

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