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Arnaud Le Texier // Why Not Peeps EP

Artist: Arnaud Le Texier
Label: Aloe
LabelCode: ALOE008
Format: 12"
Release: 2013-05-13
Country: I
Style: Techno / Tech-House

Arnaud Le Texier cut his teeth managing music shops and building a huge collection of records during the nineties. His vast knowledge of the house and techno scenes led him to establish two widely acclaimed underground labels: Atcha, along with British dj James Warren, and Kailash. In 2005, he founded Safari Electronique, a more personal and experimental imprint that focuses on minimalistic sounds and sensual dance-floor oriented grooves. Since moving to London, Arnaud has been playing at some of the most famous clubs of the English capital such as T-Bar, Kubicle, Secret Sundaze and, most importantly, Fabric, where he held some memorable parties for his label. This ep sees the France born producer coming back to Aloe Records with an impressive and utterly elegant set of tracks: "Global Swift"'s deep, warm chords strum along emotional vocals and a rolling bass line, while "Recharges"' delicate pad melodies and intricate and subtle vocal snippets welcome loopy filtered trippy and mesmerizing synth stabs, 909 rim shots and a slightly off-beat sounding clap. "Platinum" is lively, boasting yet more 909 craziness and a mind altering ebullient spectral arpeggio, underlined by a chugging kick drum: a straightforward banger, this one shows Arnaud's harder and uncompromising side. The release closes off with "Digital Waves", where the monolithic bass is matched by a steady progression: a chemical feeling made human by the tune's lolloping sense of propulsion.

Arnaud Le Texier - Why Not Peeps EP

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