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Alfred Heinrichs // Brain TV EP

Artist: Alfred Heinrichs
Label: Moonplay
LabelCode: MOONPLAY022
Format: 12"
Release: 2015-04-11
Country: D
Style: Techno / Tech-House

Alfred Heinrichs proofs once again that his work is thoughtfully chosen and carefully crafted to align the certain profundity and symbolic that is so characteristic for his work. In his new EP he addresses everybody's doubts - Am I on the right track Why are things happening the way that they are occurring Very well, but isn't it maybe just our mind that is playing a trick on us. Maybe it's just doubtful perfectionism that lets our thoughts drift away into the darker sphere and makes us feel insignificant. Maybe, sometimes we are thinking too much and this flood of thoughts overwhelms us and creates the so called "braintv". It is exactly those lines of thought that Alfred Heinrichs is trying to catch within his new sonorous techno-track called "braintv". Deep bass harmonizes with firm beats which are accompanied by a memorable melody that makes you wishing to hear more. On top, the EP embraces three more remixes from Alfred Heinrichs friend and fellow Carlo Ruetz, the newly signed Florian Frings by Minus and the talented techno tyro Gaga

Alfred Heinrichs - Brain TV EP

7,99 EUR

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