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Paula Wapsas // Sol De Santa Maria EP

Artist: Paula Wapsas
Label: Bad Barbie
LabelCode: BADBARBIE15
Format: 12"
Release: 2015-10-13
Country: D
Style: Techno / Tech-House

For our next vinyl and digital release we have the pleasure to introduce you to the Chilean DJ and producer, Paula Wapsas. She delivered a beautiful single, called Sol De Santa Maria, in which she shows us nothing else than the construction of a perfect voyage between a delightful selection of several organic elements, synth pads and subtle percussions arrangements. All these elements are mixed together with a peculiar minimalistic approach that builds a very soft and hypnotic groove at the end. As it wasn't enough, we have two amazing remixes for this ep. The first one by the renowned artist Christian Burkhardt, who re-worked the main rhythmic elements of this track giving them a soft but fantastic twist, adding the right amount of madness and trip to the remix. This little arrangement left a gap in the low-end that is later filled by a strong melodic bass line that also becomes the main leading element of the remix. The bass line gets complemented too by the original synths and melodies, which closes the idea in a great way. The second of the remixes was in charge of another amazing artist, Markus Fix, who went through a more minimalistic and underground road than the previous two tracks, by focusing mainly on the rhythmic elements for his remix. All this work together creates a very hypnotic but strong vibe getting completed by some subtle deep synths stabs and some wicked fxs on the base elements, which rounds up the whole vibe of the remix perfectly. Two greatly executed remixes that haves a subtle groove swift but also keep the soul from the original track intact, as any great remixes should.

Paula Wapsas - Sol De Santa Maria EP

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