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Adriano Canzian // Amyl Nitrate EP

Artist: Adriano Canzian
Label: Space Factory
LabelCode: SFC018
Format: 12"
Release: 2009-07-16
Country: D
Style: Techno / Electro

Amyl Nitrate (commonly known as popper) is a chemical compound. It has a long history of safe medical use in treating angina. It's also often inhaled with the goal of enhancing sexual pleasure.Inhaling nitrates relaxes smooth muscles all over the body, including the sphincter muscles of the anus and the vagina. Listening to the original version, it is easy to understand the reason behind such a title. A dark and obsessive techno-bass in its depths. Acid, nervous loops on the surface. Sex and sweat everywhere. Here and there, two surrealistic, hypnotic melodies breaking the darkness of the bass loop. A mix of sharp and round, deeper sounds. The vinyl version also features 3 great remixes:..

Adriano Canzian - Amyl Nitrate EP

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  • TEXT_OF_5_STARS alper
    Sonntag, 19. Juli 2009
    der ruben mix kommt der bedeutung techno-brett mehr als sehr nahe 6 abgerundete punkte



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