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Marc Antona // Rules Of Madness Part 2

Artist: Marc Antona
Label: Dissonant
LabelCode: DISSONANT005
Format: 12"
Release: 2011-09-19
Country: D
Style: Techno / Tech-House / Minimal

Marc Antona’s .Rules Of Madness’ album on his own lovingly crafted Dissonant label is in full force, it’s works now trickling through in vinyl packages. For the second installment of .Rules Of Madness’, leading track “All Against The Law” and his full-acoustic brother “Spring Pack” open the three vinyl release sequence that will bring the entire album to the decks. Like a tremendous and thrilling novel, “All Against The Law” starts the journey by setting the sexy and intriguing atmosphere. From the very beginning until the bitter end the hypnotic and metallic triangle tickles, its gently dissonant and mysterious sound taking the role of the second but essential character. Taking time to grow, the first half of the track lets tension subtlety build, no help of hulking effects needed or used. The core trip then begins; its story triggering with the psychedelic honk of a passing train that builds the exhilarating and huge melody repetition of the track. Voices then emerge, the organic sounds begging insistently as the sloping tension becomes steeper and the obsessing and nonchalant rhythm reachies new levels. Freaky with its subversive voice yet harmonic with its ever-changing pad, the track evolves sharply and switches constantly between melancholia and joy. This fusion of sensations shapes “All Against The Law” as something for the floor as well as for the mind. Picking up full speed and using every sample, glitch, sound bite and beat to culminate; “All Against The Law” becomes a truly original rhythmic journey. Second up is album track “Spring Pack”. Using equal amounts of intriguing and analogue field recordings as the A-side, “Spring Pack” manages to permit another feel all together; a fiery and acoustically groove ridden sensation. Rich but low-leveled piano lays as a bed to the hovering crackles and twitching twists fly above. Strangely though we barely notice it’s presence until the hypnotic kick arrives and forces our movement. Rising from below and becoming i

Marc Antona - Rules Of Madness Part 2

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