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Adriano Canzian // Macho Boy Remixes

Artist: Adriano Canzian
Label: 51 Beats
LabelCode: 51VIN001
Format: 12"
Release: 2013-03-18
Country: D
Style: Techno

Back to the future!!! With the crispy voices by Anna Patrini and Yasmin Gate, Adriano Canzian transforms the Macho Boy in pure acid techno 12' sensuality. Containing 4 tracks (BLACK, GOLD, RED and PURPLE reworks), 'Macho Boy Females Reworked Edition 2013' deflowers 51beats - at its first vinyl printing - with the new and modern dancefloor killer, available in both DIGITAL and 12' VINYL (distributed by Four reworks for a new chromatic scale representing the different tracks moods. BLACK, subterranean techno statement, it's an acid dialogue between cheeky vocal and thumping compressed percussions. Pure sexual obsessions in minimal-key for GOLD, the second dancefloor killer track reworked by Canzian and Plasman, with 8bit sounds. That is perfect for dawning after parties. The RED rework holds the electro techno pushing by Cani Giganti and their analogue synthesizers. The Arabic music incursions are just to stop breathing for a while, and then it's time for the prodigiously dance chase, again. It all ends with PURPLE, hypnotic minimal suspance with increasing vocal and breathtaking percussions. 'De pequeña era viciada y de grande soy viciosa' says everything about this release. Oops! Supported by: Wolfgang Flür (ex Kraftwerk), Richie Hawtin (Minus), Giorgio Valletta (DJ Mag), Giusuè Impellizzeri (DJ Mag), Robert Grand (Additan radio/Recordings), Eddy Romero aka Sysknob (Expmental Records/Soundvision), Giuliano A.L. (Hotel Es Vive' Ibiza Cafe Del Mar Ibiza Kama Sushi Ibiza), Das Fachpersonal (Cubetribe Records), Datamatrix (Cosa Nostra, Unbrokenbeat, Carmarage, fnoob), .... Wolfgang Flür (ex Kraftwerk): "love the GOLD version because of its sounds and brilliant vocal/vocoder work." Mag - Tsugi (Tsugi magazine): "cool EP!" Das Fachpersonal: "Black and Gold: we will spin that shit! - Thanks!"

Adriano Canzian - Macho Boy Remixes

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