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Acirne // Conception Vessel EP

Artist: Acirne
Label: Memento
LabelCode: MEMENTO018
Format: 12"
Release: 2013-05-09
Country: I
Style: Techno / Tech-House

Acirne's musical background is rooted in her previous career as a successful vj: the world of visual arts exposed her to endless experimental sounds which shaped her vision and love for production. Her unconventional approach is reflected in the diverse output of her works: hard to pin down, her music goes from easy listening to dancefloor friendly, and it never fails to show a nice quirky touch that spices up the mood. Taking time off from managing her own label T-Bet Records and playing live as one half of celebrated duo Diamond Dog, she returns to Memento with another personal ep. "Conception Vessel"'s classy concept is feminine yet very strong in its spiraling synth melodies; the steady beat underlines graceful loopy atmospherics and rhythms. Filters and efx make it a very playful and disco-y number, full of almost subliminal changes and nuances. Second track "Respire"'s shady vocals and pad chords are inspired by her native Sardinia: a land of contrasts, where delicate landscapes and beautiful shores are matched by the roughest inland. Janina's remix verges on electronica, with obscure vox snippets and sudden analogue bass notes coming in right through and touching on bizarre psychedelia. Not afraid of going against current trends and more commercial oriented releases, Acirne once again teams up with Idriss D's innovative label to find the perfect outlet to her peculiar ideas and performances

Acirne - Conception Vessel EP

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